Please find below GS-Hydro publications in PDF fromat which you are able to print or save. All our publications are in English. For further requests for material please contact GS-Hydro.

Please find the brochures on GS-Hydro Product Offering on a separate webpage as well as the Hydraulic Piping Standard Handbook.

General brochures in PDF

GS-Hydro Company
GS-Hydro Offshore
GS-Hydro Marine

Technical brochures in PDF

GS-37 Flare Flange System
GS-90 Flare Flange System
GS-Retain Ring Flange System
GS-HP Retain Ring System
GS-37 Flare Flange System - Flaring and Installation Instructions
GS-90 Flare Flange System - Flaring and Installation Instructions
GS-Retain Ring Flange System - Installation Instructions
GS-Hydro Tubes and Pipes
GS-Hydro Hydraulic Hoses
GS-Hydro Clamps, Valves and Fittings
GS-Vibra Clamp
GS-Hydro Subsea
Type Approval Tests
Benefits of GS-Flange Technology

GS-Hydro Services

GS-Hydro Hose Management Services